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Medieval-Castles.orgIf you like history, castles, and the medieval period, this website might be an interesting place for you to check out. Medieval-Castles.


org is a site entirely devoted to the medieval times, where you can find almost anything related to this “dark” period of history. Here you can find information about the Crusades, medieval warfare, medieval life, and the most important castles. In addition to this, they have a special section about medieval torture with pictures and information of some of the creepiest torture devices used back then. The site is constantly being updated, but in order to search for old stories posted here, you can browse trough their archives. They are sorted into different categories such as Agriculture, Alchemy, Life, Battles, Weapons, Architecture, or Commerce, among many others. Finally, in case you wish to submit an article, don’t hesitate and do it, because collaborations are welcomed by the author of the site.


Author : Liam Gray

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