– Medicaid Eligibility Rules

Medicaidrules.comThis websites only purpose is to explain into detail all the Medicaid rules and eligibility requirements. Many of you out there might not know what Medicaid is.

So first, what is Medicaid? Medicaid is a federally funded program (with the help of the states) developed for those United States residents who can’t afford to pay medical treatment. The program covers almost all aspects of health care and payments are done directly to health care providers; Medicaid participants rarely have to deal with bills. Eligibility for it depends basically on income circumstances, so not anyone can apply for it. On this website you can find out everything regarding this plan. What covers and what not, how to apply for it, rules, etc. Besides the information part of this website, you can easily find out if you do qualify by filling their online form, that in four minutes and for free tells you sour situation.