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Mediawombat.comWhile you probably wouldn’t guess it from the name, MediaWombat is a search engine that allows users to specifically search for Adobe Flash files. The engine behind the scenes is a crawler that scours the web for Flash files, pulls them apart, and makes them available to searchers.


The advantage to this is that Google and Yahoo do not look inside Flash files to see what’s inside them and therefore there is a lot of content available that is going unnoticed by those using Google or Yahoo to search. While the site has only recently launched, it is still worth a try the next time you are looking for a Flash game or piece of code. In Their Own Words

“MediaWombat is a search engine designed to find and display content embedded inside of Adobe flash (.swf) files. We crawl the internet looking for SWF files, then grab them, rip them apart, index them and then allow for the contents of them to be searched.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With so much Flash content on the web these days, whoever is able to develop an effective search engine will be well-rewarded. MediaWombat is still in its early days and it is therefore impossible to predict whether they will be able to develop the first fully-functioning engine or not.

Some Questions About

Will Adobe or Google develop an engine offering a similar functionality before MediaWombat truly gets off the ground?


Author : Caroline Bright

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