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medela.comMedela is an international organization that works with technology in order to help people in need so as to improve their lives, focusing on three different branches. Breastfeeding is one of the areas they work in, giving useful hints for successful pumping and solutions to problems that can appear when breastfeeding.


Another area they focus on is Neonatology, specially treating hyperbilirubinemia. Thanks to Medela┬┤s treatments, there is no longer restriction between the mother and the baby when the baby is born. Finally, the organization deals with Suction Technology, and requires demanding requirements in the ecological and economic points of view. With high-tech systems, Medela has provided a safer and more hygienic way of suction and has improved the way blood and other body fluids are disposed. If you are interested in this subject, you shoud visit the site


Author : Bruce Turner

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