– Metropolitan Educational Council is the official site for the metropolitan educational council.

At this site you will be able to find all the information related to the organization and their services. The information that is featured at the site is divided in different categories such as mec: calendar, mec staff, directions, members; information technology center: emis services, fiscal services, internet services, library services, progress book, student services, training, webmail. Outlook calendar; purchasing: air filters, mec contracts, educational classroom supply catalog, energy programs, food catalog, insurance programs, janitor supplies, lesson plans, medical supplies, music supplies, paper supplies, science supplies, vendor fair; resources: eTech / ohio, ohio department of education, INFOhio, OECN, OELMA, state of ohio auditor; miscelaneous: e-rate funding, reflections software, web resources and help desk. If you are interested in this information then you should check out