KillerStartups – Miscellaneous Items

Mcphee.comAt you will find lots of miscellaneous staff for different occasions.

Whether you are planning a big customs party or just redecorating your house, you will find this site interesting. Anything from a pair of glasses to a pirate shower curtain can be found right there. Some of the items you they offer are: posters, figures, gift wraps, coffin purse, bathroom articles, playing cards, bandages, napkins, sushi coasters, rugs, and many more. At the web site you can browse the items by categories, like: zombies and monsters, hula, classics, costume, cowboy, bacon and meat, action figures, pirate, evil, kitchen, surprise bag, candy, etc. In addition, there is a section exclusively for goodies and games. If you want to give someone an original and one of a kind present, there is a gift certificate available at the site. Perhaps now you’re curious of knowing what other things you can get there, if so take a look at the complete product list.

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