– McKee Foods Corporation

McFeeFoods.comAs home for one of the US’s largest food corporations, McKee is the producer of a variety of popular brands like Little Debbie snack cakes and Sunbelt granola snacks. You won’t be able to get any from the site, but you can read a lot of interesting information on healthy eating initiatives and nutritional values of their food; they have started a labeling campaign, which you can read all about on the site, and also find links to other websites where you can read about healthy living and dieting.

There’s a family fun area, but it’s only accessible for families using Internet Explorer; while you wait for the people at McKee Foods to understand that IE is a sub-standard browser, take a look at the virtual tour to find out how their products are made… it’s written in a very easy-to-understand tone and almost guaranteed to make you hungry. Extensive corporate details and brand profiles are available from the site, as is information on career opportunities. It would be nice for the site to display recipes and other non-web-based fun activities, like many other food corporations do on their sites.