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Mathsisfun.comMmmmh, my younger brothers would disagree with the basic idea that maths can be fun, but you have to give it a try. For some people, evidently for Mathsisfun.


com in charges, numbers are not only important at school but can also be a good excuse to have fun at home. With numbers I mean geometry, the frightening algebra, but basically maths can also mean data, measurement and practical stuff that you apply in your daily life. So let’s give maths a chance and let’s have fun with them. You get to solve puzzles, in a way it is like a game where you get somewhere by running, jumping or finding secret doors or hidden treasures, but in this case you play with numbers, symbols, letters. It can become a full challenge to work out how to use your talent and skills in solving each puzzle. Thanks to this website the words adding or subtracting will not be as frightening as so far. And if you really are not good at numbers you have a dictionary with easy-to-understand definitions, illustrations and links to further reading. Summing-up, no excuses to come back from school and visit


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