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MardiGrasUnmasked.comIf there is any world left in which human beings still laugh and still, even on rare occasions, have fun, there will be Mardi Gras. That’s a statement that would accurately define this website.


MardiGras Unmasked is about party, carnival, and costumes; a Mardi Gras party is said to be an amalgamation of crazy habits and rituals that occur within a framework of established conventions. When planning a Mardi Gras party, you’re better off knowing about king cake cheats, the prerogatives of tinsel royalty, the sociology of “earning” beads, and the importance of foolishness in the observance of tradition. What it’s all about? You’ll find out when you check the several articles and plans of events you will find across the site. On the left hand side of your screen you’ll find the links that will lead you to the different sections. Categories include Mardi Gras music, beads, customs, king cakes, eye candy, and more.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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