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ManagedMusic.comDr. Sam is a musician and all-round entertainer who his famed for his satirical lyrics and musical twists and bends.

His musical career started in 1996 with the release of a work titled “Minimal Service” that was an immediate best seller. His moniker comes from the fact that he is actually a healthcare professional, respected for his clear insight and perspective. Dr. Sam’s official website can be reached at The site is mostly split between biographical and career information and multimedia contents. The former include interviews with Dr. Sam as well as information on his regular band members, whereas the latter boil down to song clips that can be listened to online and photo galleries that show Dr. Sam both onstage and offstage. There is also an online store, and the war veterans’ tributes entitled “Before You Go” are prominently featured. Lastly, a booking can be requested by following the provided link.