KillerStartups – Malaco Music Group is the online home of the Malaco Music Group.

On this site, you will find information on the Malaco Music Group, a music store, and other great services provided by the Malaco Music Group. If you are a fan of any artist associated with the Malaco Music Group, you can get their CDs and DVDs straight from the site. This is great for anyone that enjoys certain artists’ music that may not be available in common retail spots. If you are looking to license some of Malaco’s music to use in a movie or radio show, you can get all the information on that through the site. Licensing is a great way for the artists to receive money from the use of their most popular songs in diverse media outlets. There are various Blues, Soul, and R&B CD packages that you can buy through the site. These are heavily featured on TV, so you might have seen them.

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