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Makersmark.comThis is the official website of Maker’s Mark, a bourbon brand. The distillery is now located in Kentucky, and exists since 1840.


The first thing that they ask you when you enter this website is to put your date of birth, because you are not allowed to access if you are not in drinking age yet. At the site you can take a look at the historic timeline that includes all the important events of the brand. You can learn how to prepare drinks that include Maker’s Mark bourbon in their recipes. They all sound delicious, but they recommend you to drink carefully. You can also buy presents or memorabilia at Maker’s Mark online store. You also need to be able to legally drink in order to access that link. To contact them, you need to fill in a form, in which you need to specify if you have ever tried Maker’s Mark bourbon, and if you did, you need to tell them how often you drink it.


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