– Solar Energy Science Projects

MakeItSolar.comOne of the best parts about being a kid is all the fun things there’s to learn, and the fun ways to do it, and science fairs are definitely lots of fun throughout: researching, planning, building your stand and then showing it off, so if your kid just got a new assignment and is in search for ideas, this site can be of help: use to find a variety of projects that are somewhat related to building solar panels or manipulating sunlight into energy.

The site is very simple in its design, but very useful in its resources: you can read quick facts on physics and sunlight, use the calculators, or jump directly to the projects area, where you can get full exposition ideas, complete with hypothesis, required materials and plans to build your panel or circuit, alongside with suggested further reads and what you should expect from your experiment, plus you can even download and print fun worksheets to hand out as part of your project. If you think you might need some orientation or further advice, the forums are open to receive your question. One of the best things about the site is that even though it’s aimed at students, teachers can also use the resources it provides to plan their lessons or assign projects.