KillerStartups – Robotics – Web-based, open and free is a web-based, open, and free robotics platform.

MakeAffinity is about making, viewing, controlling, sharing, and experiencing constructs across the web.
A construct can be any physical computing system that contains mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic, or any physical components. MakeAffinity considers all machines to be constructs, be they toys or serious mechanical stuff. Let your imagination run wild.
MakeAffinity is about robotics for the masses. Users can build and control systems with physical components such as servos, motors, and switches without any computer programming knowledge, do it in minutes and do it transparently over the internet.

The site also lets builders show off their creations, and even more uniquely, gives users the opportunity to make money with their creations. This is just another way of motivating the masses to get involved in robotics.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is helpful to think of MakeAffinity as a kind of Youtube for robotics. It’s a radical idea that can only be understood by viewing a construct or two at the website.

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