KillerStartups – Find Local Businesses is a Canadian not for profit organization that has one key objective; help consumers to find local made products in an easy manner. The goal of the site is to increase awareness of businesses and individuals that create their products locally.

By providing this service, the site makes available to the public a simple way to support local business, while minimizing the carbon footprint of their purchase and stimulating the local economy. The site is simple to use, whether you’re looking for local products or whether you want to submit one.

In order to look for local businesses all users have to do is go to the home page and select the province where they live, and then select the category they are interested in. Once they’ve clicked on the one they wish to see, they’ll be provided with a list of all the businesses in that particular area of business in their province along with a description of the business and their contact information (website, telephone, address, etc.).

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