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Macroglossa.comMacroglossa can be termed a visual search engine. Everything here revolves around images and their comparison.

By uploading any image that you have taken yourself (or that you have found online) and executing a search, you will be told exactly what is displayed there.

For example, if you find an image of the most impressive car ever but you have just no idea what model it is, you can proceed to upload the picture to Macroglossa and learn everything about that vehicle.

And the same applies to places, animals and works of art. How many times have we seen a painting online we have seen a million times before both when browsing the Web and in the physical world that we just can’t name? Well, this service will provide the necessary illumination when that happens again.

And in addition to letting you carry “straight” searches in any of these four categories, Macroglossa will empower you to edit the images that you have uploaded in order to make everything stand clearer. This is a very good feature, actually – if it wasn’t for that option, a fair share of images would remain unidentifiable. In Their Own Words

“Visual search engine.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are not really that many sites providing comparable services.

Some Questions About

Will more categories be ever added to the four main ones?

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