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MackinacIsland.orgIf you love quaint historic to spend a few relaxing days or even you entire vacation, you might want to consider what Mackinac Island has to offer. This island which is located in the Great Lakes Region (Lake Huron to be exact) belongs to the state of Michigan and is a popular destination for those who love a little old world charm.


The island has been a popular tourist attraction and summer colony since the late 19th century and, thanks to extensive historical preservation and restoration, has remained pretty much the same. Thanks to these efforts the entire island is a National Historical Landmark. The island can be reached by road, air or water but has a ban on almost all motor vehicles on the island itself. During the summer when it’s most active, tourists can roam around by foot, bike, horse-drawn carriage, or even roller skates. There are lots of interesting things to see, including some beautifully preserved architectural landmarks like the Victorian Grand Hotel, the many candy shops famous for their fudge, the lily festival, and much more. If you would like to experience this unique vacation spot, visit the site for more details.


Author : Charly Zaks

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