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LYRICSnMUSIC.comA new search engine, LYRICSnMUSIC has been built for those who want to get to know everything about these bands they have begun developing a true liking for, and also for those who have always supported any specific artist. LYRICSnMUSIC is bound to cater for both kinds of users, as it will let them get everything from lyrics and biographies to images and videos by executing a single search. That is possible because services such as YouTube and Wikipedia are fully supported, and results can be culled from them and presented in a neat fashion. The site favors a really simple structure, with the following tabs being always visible: Lyrics, Touring, YouTube, Images, Google and Wikipedia.


Needless to say, that is a winning combination in most cases. There are few bands that would fail to have some kind of presence on at least one of these sites, and that applies even to some of the most obscure indie/underground artists you could think of. After all, is there a band that has never uploaded a video of a gig to YouTube, or who has a fan that has not done such a thing himself? In Their Own Words

A lyrics and music search engine for music people by music people.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site will let you gather all the information that is found on the Internet about any band or performer by executing a single search.

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Will a bookmarklet ever be made available?


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