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Lyreach.comThere is nothing more aggravating for music lovers than falling in love with a song they hear as they are passing by, and then being unable to learn its actual title. That translates into being unable to get a copy of the album that has it or download it from iTunes.


Granted, most times the true identity of a song can be figured out by conducting a Google search in which you input the lyrics you do remember. That works in 9 out of ten cases. For the case that is left unattended we can turn to a service like Lyreach.

In principle, it is a specialized search engine that will empower you to type the words that you manage to remember and then produce a series of matching results that combine all of these, in different configurations.

I know that most people can live without such a service, but I am bookmarking the site right now. The time (and effort) that can be saved through it is anything but negligible. In Their Own Words

“You may looking for a song that you’ve only remember a small sequence of words from it, this is the right place to find it, it will try to give all the possibilities of your input within 4-5 words. This is a research project, you may found some repeated results, inaccurate, outdated, or even rubbish, but in general we hope it will be useful”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Music lovers are known to take a liking to such services. I did.

Some Questions About

How will the search algorithm evolve from now on?


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