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Lyme.orgLyme Disease is a chronic and dangerous condition transmitted by ticks and other small garden insects, and by visiting this site, users will be able to learn all about it, including latest research finds, awareness programs and quick actions to take in order to prevent Lyme, including a tick removal kit which you can purchase directly from the site. Lyme.

org carries an eCommerce area from where users can get lots of books and informative materials such as posters and miscellanea merchandise to help spread the word. As is the case with lots of medicine-related sites, this one could definitely use lots of design rethinking, and also some sharing features, but the truth remains that the site is very informative and useful and the design mishap doesn’t get in the way of the knowledgeable material it displays. If you are interested about Lyme for any reason, whether because you know someone who is sick or want to find out about related diseases, make sure you take a look at the articles to be found under the ‘Online’ tag to go on reading and find related sites.