Lookeen.net – Search Outlook From Front To Back

Lookeen.netLooken is an extension for Microsoft Outlook that will give you the chance to search all the mails you have received and find what you are after in a much faster way.

The most distinctive feature of Looken is that it can take care of looking through an enormous number of emails in order to find what you have requested.

And you can look just anything up – e-mails themselves, attachments, appointments, tasks, notes, contacts…

From the above, you can tell that this add-in is meant mainly for professional users. That is, it is meant for those who handle a lot of communications and data. Those who don’t will have no problem finding what they are after in a couple of minutes. It is one thing going through 15 emails manually. It is another going through 150 and racing against the clock

Looken can be downloaded and tried for free during 14 days. Once this trial period has ended you will be able to choose whether to stick with it or keep on looking for alternative applications for searching your email. But chances are you will like it.

Lookeen.net In Their Own Words

“Email search for professionals.”

Why Lookeen.net It Might Be A Killer

It is a great productivity tool. It will let you find what you need in a timely manner.

Some Questions About Lookeen.net

Will other email clients be supported later on as well? Lookeen.net