KillerStartups – Precut Log Home Packages

LokNLogs.comLok ‘n’ Logs is a company that specializes in precut log home packages, and its website provides a wide host of information for any individual who might be a potential customer. For instance, there are sections entitled “Log Styles” and “Log Grading” which coupled with the featured catalog and image gallery provide the customer with a good appreciation of the available products.

Information is also available in the form of videos which can be watched online, whereas a price list can be requested by submitting the form that can be found under the corresponding heading. The site likewise announces seminars that are of interest to log home buyers, and issues such as determining a budget and developing a custom design are taken into account. Moreover, seminars geared towards constructors are available and in this case topics like how to wire a log home and how to set allowances in log homes are discussed.

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