KillerStartups – If It Is In Vogue It Is At Loehmanns

Loehmanns.comAbout the website the clearest way to say it is: if it is in vogue, you’ll find it at Loehmann’s, which is actually the marketing slogan of this remarkable specialty retailer. But it is quite more than some simple boutiques or stores, it represents the biggest deals in designer fashions and everything in vogue, Calvin Klein, Dolce&Gabanna, DKNY, Anne Klein among others are just some examples of what you can find at their nationwide stores.

From its early beginning in 1921 Loehmann’s has occupied a unique position in the fashion industry and is kind of a Mecca for fashions-conscious women when seeking for their favorite designers at lower prices. A This Week section will show with special graphic effects daily news regarding new products and promotions. What’s new and trendy must be at Loehmann’s. There are three simple ways to find a Loehmann’s near you, enter your zip code, your state, or use a map with a store locator.

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