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lnvestigator.comAll of you out there planning to do an investigation about someone past must visit this website. Investigator.

com features hundred of investigative tools, databases, and resources that will help you doing backgrounds checks and public record searches on anyone you know. In fact, their database has more than 25.000 resources to aid you in your personal investigations. With their records registry you can find in a fast and simple way information like address, assets, birth records, court records, deeds, genealogy, permit records, among many others. In order to access to all this information and resources first you would have to become a member. In order to become one there is a fee involved of 35 U.S. dollars. This gives you unlimited lifetime access, and two free bonus. You can pay online with any major credit card as well as Paypal. This website has been offering these services for the past 3 years and is based in Glover, VT. lnvestigator.com