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LIWeddings.comLONG ISLAND WEDDINGS is aimed at providing grooms and brides almost everything they could possible need to make their wedding the best day of their lives. They have organized the site in different section in order to make your search easier.

On this site you will find an alphabetical list of Long Island Wedding Vendors. It also has an online store, where you will be able to browse through more than 560 items, including evening bags, headpieces, t-shirts, lingerie, ring pillows, stationery, shoes, slippers, reception cards, massage services, jewelry and much more. By becoming a member of their community, you will be able to receive the Diamond Card, which will grant you exclusive retailer discounts. In addition will be allowed to you keep track of important dates, manage your wedding budget, organize your seating arrangements, create your own online photo album and submit your own wedding tips, among many other benefits.