– Littleton Coin Company

LittletonCoin.comLittleton Coin Company is a company that sells collecting material for those who take numismatics as a hobby; they specialize in selling US, World and Ancient coins, paper money, coin folders and albums to store the collections. Site visitors will find a complete catalogue of the products on offer, with generally one picture and a brief comment explaining on the history of the item for sale.

Because the site is so informative and enjoys a 60-year history in the coin collecting scene, it seems like a good place to start a collection, as you will be sure to buy quality collectibles from a trustworthy source. Interestingly, users of this site can create a wishlist, and store there everything they are planning to purchase in the future, whether because they are saving to buy it, or because it’s not in stock for the time being. However, if you are on the other side of the counter and have some stuff you’d like to sell but are clueless about it, try the free coins and paper money appraisals service. The only slight problem I found with this site’s store is that some products don’t have a photo attached to them, and those who actually do, have quite small pictures; it would seem sensible to get larger galleries for the site, especially when dealing with objects which are so small, so alike and so expensive.