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Lisafrank.comLisa Frank is a brand for young girls that offers a variety of products for girls to enjoy. Lisafrank.

com is the official website for those items. In the site you will find all the information you need to know about the products the company sells and more. There are several features in the website for you to explore. For girls to improve their grades, there is a section called “Making the Grade”. There they will find some tips to improve their study habits. There is an environmental-friendly section where girls will find information about rainforests and stuff. Below they will find the Wardrobe Wizardry, for young children to wear their Lisa Frank dolls. If you are a sporty girl, you can check out that section and share your experience with your favorite character. There is an online store for you to buy all the Lisa Frank items and carry them to school or to your friend’s house. Check out for more info.