– Linking Memories

Linkory.comLinkory creates a shared consciousness by generating historical records from a first person perspective. The recollection and compilation of past events by participants will provide unique 360 degree perspectives on and insight into events.

After all, who is better qualified to record history than those who were there to witness and experience a particular event first hand? For the first time history will be written from a first person’s point-of-view. Linkory is more than just a record of memories, it also takes advantage of the growing online trend towards social networking, because it encourages people to socialize around memories as discussion topics and their associated events. Linkory is not a traditional social network where people tend to replicate online their existing offline social ties. Linkory helps to develop more ‘weak’ social ties, because it allows people to interact around an event or memory topic, with each other, in a non-intrusive way.