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Linguisticlist.orgThe Linguistic List provides information on language and language analysis, aiming to provide the discipline of linguistics within the digital world. It is a free resource, run by linguistic professors and graduate students.


And it lives from donations. You are able to find resources on different topics such as anthropological linguistics, applied linguistics, discourse analysis, general linguistics, history linguists and the history of linguistics, morphology, phonetics and phonology, sociolinguistics, syntax, translation, and typology, among many others. Once you choose the subject, the site will display a list of academic papers, books, book reviews, calls and conferences, dissertation abstracts, jobs, linguistic programs, linguists, mailing lists, support announcements, and web resources, found on the subject you’ve chosen. Additionally, there are also other sections where you may look for the information you need. These are: people and organization, jobs, calls and conferences, publications, language resources, text and computer tools, teaching and learning, and mailing list. Summing up, don’t doubt it, if you need information on linguistics this is the right site.


Author : Charly Zaks

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