– Trip Search Aggregator is a London-based search site that aggregates information from over 250 travel-related sites to give you the cheapest results for flights and hotels possible. Those who have ever used the internet to search for deals will find Liligo’s interface familiar and easy to use.

First, select what you would like to search for by selecting the “flights”, “hotels”, or “buzz” tags. Next pick your departure city, your destination, how long you’ll be staying, and Liligo does the rest by searching through hundreds of agencies and other search aggregators like Expedia and Lessno. All results are displayed with all taxes included so it’s easy to compare the actual final price between vendors. Once you’ve found the best price, simply click on your choice and purchase your ticket directly from the vendor. In Their Own Words

“Liligo is a new kind of Internet animal : a travel search engine. Liligo instantly searches all available flights & trains on a maximum of travel sites such as agencies, major and low-cost airlines, tour-operators. You can easily focus your search as much (or as little!) as you want. That means that if the trip you’d like is anywhere out there, you’ll find it right away. Click on your choice, and you’ll go book directly with the travel supplier site.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

They search a good number of sites to bring back the best results. This site could become a popular alternative to other sites like Kayak.

Some Questions About

They are probably going to have to spend some money or do some considerable thinking outside the box for this site to take off in such a crowded space. How do they plan on competing with the numerous other sites that do the same thing?