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Liketotally80s.comSay what you wish about the 80s, but you can’t deny that it was a decade that left an indelible impression which has determined the lives of many. Music and movies from that period have an intrinsic quality that can not be found anywhere else, and both old timers who wish to relive some memories and young people who wish to know more about that time flock to them.

If you fall into either category, the Like Totally 80s website is for you. The site acts as an online resource that celebrates and promotes all the available representations of that decade’s culture. The contents of the site are found into categories that make for easy browsing. These include music, TV & movies, and culture. A page that is wholly devoted to fashion can be found as well. In addition to that, a 80s party guide is provided. Lastly, there is an online store for those who wish to buy 80s products such as music, books and movies.