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LexxAsSafaris.comThis website represents a traditional East Africa tour operator, specializing in the niche market of eco tourism, as well as cultural safaris and incentive travel.


The company is located in Nairobi, Kenya, and assures to provide to their clients the best memories of a great vacations experience, by getting to know the incredible world of wildlife in a Kenya Safari.

By using this service, you will enjoy of of an exiting country that has more than a million animals at Kenya’s Masai Mara.

At this site you will also be able to find travel information and bookings for Kenya and Tanzania Safaris, as well as the unique opportunity of climbing the Kilimanjaro.

Among the many other exciting places, you will visit if you engage in this experience you will get to know the Mount Kenya by Camping and participating in lodge safaris if you want.

Al the services include car hire, hotel reservations, short excursions, shuttle services, etc. Additionally, if you are interested in community development projects, conferences, and special interest tours this seems to be the right website to click on.


Author : Bill Webb

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