KillerStartups – Write Letters For Any Occasion

LetterRep.comEqually important to having decided what you want to say, is the ability to say is articulately and smartly, and well, some people are big with ideas and some are good with words, so stop worrying about how to phrase your ideas and feelings, and have someone else do it for you by visiting, a site where you’ll be able to find hundreds of different templates for letters.

You can usually read only the opening or a short excerpt from the letter itself, but you do get information on other items covered by the text, for instance, if you are looking at an invitation for a High School reunion, you will read the first lines, and then a bulleted list of what other issues the letter addresses, like cost of party, where to send the ticket money, or request information on members of the class that couldn’t be contacted by the one organizing the meeting. If you are satisfied with what you got, you can go on to purchase the template, or have it customized at an additional fee. The site hosts a very wide variety of letters in very different topics, including commercial, legal and social issues, and the site is a great way to find a letter for very touchy issues, like dismissing someone on ethic grounds, or resigning to a job you held for a long time.

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