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LetsParticipate.In – Contests, Competitions & More

LetsParticipate.InLetsParticipateIn is a resource dedicated to help students and professionals find contests, competitions, challenges, and events to compete in. Designed a new gadget? Thought of a pathbreaking idea? Have a special skill? Looking for an event where you can showcase it? Go to LetsParticipate.


In and find the right place to showcase your idea.

On the site events are listed according to tags/categories and regions. Visitors can subscribe to a customized RSS feed of events based on categories they choose and the region they live in. LetsParticipateIn also makes it easy for event managers to publicize their competitive events.

The site features all sorts of events for those whose creative juices are flowing and want to share their ideas with the world. You’ll find everything from programming to design, electronics, creative writing, and more so no matter what your special skill is you’re sure to find something tailored to your needs here.



Author : Bill Webb

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