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Leo.Org – All Dictionaries

Leo.OrgThis is an online service that gives users the possibility to use the popular German-English, German-French, and German-Spanish, German-Italian dictionaries.


This is a very useful tool no matter if you are going to another country, or if you need to translate a document.

At this site you will find all the translations you need from a language to another.

Other options like and German-Chinese dictionaries have been recently added in order to make sure that all users have the opportunity to get advantage from this service.

In addition to this you will be able to get access to loads of links to fun and useful sites. Leo also offers five dictionaries as well as related language forums and a vocabulary trainer.

The site has different links where you can get in touch to a section called Leo’s Cocktail bar, where you can get fun for free.

Furthermore, you can also get to know more about the company, as well as about the most frequently asked questions, and Leo’s History.

This is a German site where you can get very useful dictionaries, and you can find them at



Author : Paul Barker

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