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LegendsOfHockey.netIf you dedicate some hours of your day to bring back nostalgic reminiscences of the greatest hockey players of history, as well as tournaments, matches, and prizes as if you were there again, you can now access an online source of the best hockey features. Legendsofhockey.

net is an official web channel of the Hockey Hall of Fame; here you can meet the legends of the game whose distinguished contributions have been recognized through their election into Honored Membership of the Hall of Fame. Besides, visitors will be able to check out detailed descriptions, vignettes, and statistics of the site’s extensive collection of trophies from the NHL and elsewhere. This includes a photo of every NHL trophy winner, year by year, a description of how they earned the honor, and who was that year’s runner up. Browse the most comprehensive hockey archive, database, and photo gallery available on the internet. Use various search parameters linked to a registry of ever appeared in the NHL. LegendsOfHockey.net