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LearnOutLoud.comMany of you may think that the only way of learning is by giving the student a book and force him to read. Its true that the reading is a good way of learning.


But you cant deny that sound and image have more effects on the students than hundreds of pages. Why, therefore many teachers consider important that the students watch certain movies that represent historical events? There is no doubt that images and sound are more easy to retain than a couple of books telling the detailed story. is one of the sites that stands up for this new way of learning. By providing the web visitor with a browser, he can make use of this service since it searches for all the educational books and guides in the published somewhere in the internet that teach through the sound and the vision. Besides, you cannot deny the possibility of learning to the handycap children who are dreaming of having those possibilities all the healthy children have. Its not only a new way of learning, but is also a way of facilitating education to children which find irt hard in the traditional way.


Author : Caroline Bright

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