LeadVine.com – The Community Is Your Sales Force

LeadVine.comLeadVine is an online social community that simplifies how companies find new customers. This site does it the Web 2.

0 way – They ask the community to find you new customers. LeadVine has two goals, The first is to simplify how companies find new customers, and the second is to have the community earn easy money for finding and sharing sales leads. Cold Calling, networking, door to door sales, and conferences are all frustrating ways that companies obtain sales leads. Getting new customers is a difficult and expensive process. LeadVine reduces the stress of finding new customers by helping you find new sales leads in a cheap and efficient way. Post sales leads you need on LeadVine.com and entice the community with a referral fee. LeadVine is also an easy way for the community to earn extra money for information at their finger tips. LeadVine changes the business landscape because it allows companies to outsource the lead generation process to the community and allows the community to earn money for information they come across. LeadVine.com