– Cargo Transportation News is a website that provides news of world cargo transportation in both English and Russian.

The Company ‘Atlas’ represents an information portal about all types of cargo transportation including air, sea, rail, and ground transportation.

On the site visitors will find all news related to this field as well as auto news. The site features a news section where you can find all sorts of articles on topics such as car safety, driving in extreme situations, treatment of laws for drivers, news of the automobile market, events happening around the world, and much more.

In the forum section of the site, visitors will be able to partake in discussions on a variety of topics including roads, work search, insurance, transport, legal issues, and more. Sharing personal experiences helps all involved in the business to grow as professionals and to feel safer as a community.

The site has announced that shortly it will be integrating more languages in order for this transportation community to expand and allow visitors from other countries to participate and learn more about their industry.