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Laughyourway.comEach year, thousands of couples around the world attend a seminar called Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage. This seminar aims to be an alternative way for couples to solve their troubles and improve their relationship.


It is carried on by Mark Gungor, a pastor, speaker, author, musician and producer. With such an impressive presentation card, Mark is one of the most sought after speakers on marriage and family in the country today. In the seminar, he teaches biblical principles for marriage in a way that empowers couples naturally. Pastor Gungor speaks for churches, civic events, business meetings and is even a speaker for the US Army. However, it’s also possible to have sessions in small groups. It has become a very popular event among couples, and it averages near thirty events per year. There, are treated subjects like sex addiction, divorce and cohabitation. Besides, offers online services like the Flag Page, and also a telephonic help for couples called Marriage Hope Line.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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