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LaPreciosa.comLa Preciosa, as in the beautiful woman, is the name of this network of Mexican FM radio stations broadcasting throughout several southwestern states in the US, plus Florida. When you visit this site you’ll see a list of all the radio frequencies in which the La Preciosa stations can be tuned in, and by clicking on the logos you’ll be transported into the site for each particular station.


I was quite shocked to see that most of the subsites are completely different in style, layout and amount of information, not to mention that some of the sites are in English and some are in Spanish. In most of them you will be able to listen to live stream radio, read local news and interviews to the hosts and commentators, plus take a look at the most popular songs and get links to buy the CDs or watch the music videos for those songs. Interestingly, some of the La Preciosa stations encourage their users to upload any original music content they might have created or hold copyright for to be played on the stations, which is something quite unheard of in the radio world. It’s a shame that there’s not any corporate information available from the site to read a bit more about this project and how they are doing with it, as I’m sure media experts around would be very interested in learning about this.


Author : Steve Dixon

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