– Gwen Stefani Endorsed Fragrance


M.B. Fragrance is not an aftershave for the people of New Zealand. It is in fact a new fragrance endorsed by former No Doubt lead singer and now solo artist Gwen Stefani. Joining in the trend of many pop stars and Hollywood stars of recent times she has put her name to a fragrance to help market the product. If you would like to learn more about this new perfume, then you would be well advised to check out the products official web site at The web site is very stylish and beautifully designed each page of the site takes a few moments to load, but once they are up you are shown some very nice pictures to help market the fragrance and its range of associated products. The site includes information about the products, a range of Gwen Stefani wall papers to download, where you can buy the products and even how to get yourself a free sample of this new fragrance.