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Kvitters.comDo you ever wonder what the hottest trends are not just on sites like Twitter or Google Trends individually but on the Social Web taken as a whole? If you happened to answer that question in an affirmative way, then this site is going to be more than enlightening.


Named Kvitters, it will let you see the most sought-after terms on a plurality of sites at the same time.

These include not only Twitter and Google Trends but also Yahoo Buzzwords. Besides, you can learn about these concepts that are dominating specific areas – the main page features top searches for categories like “Popular Actors”, “Popular Sports” and “Popular Music”. In each and every case, you can get to see who are the leaders and who are the movers.

As you can see, the site is comprehensive enough so as to make figuring what is trending at any moment in time something uncomplicated. So much ground is covered that I feel every average internaut will gather enough data to satisfy his craving for information. In Their Own Words

“On Kvitters you can search various social media resources like yahoo answers, blogs, Twitter, Digg, Youtube and others based on most happening keywords in the world. On the homepage, we list the most popular keywords that are being searched by the people across the world. You can see what are the search trends across the world. What people are searching in various search engines. Then you can find what people are talking about these topics on yahoo answers, blogs, Twitter, Digg, Youtube”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Figuring out what is dominating online conversations is easy through such a resource.

Some Questions About

Can the results be exported?


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