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Kudocities.comImagine how great it would be if everyone who lived in the same city could connect their brains together to share their knowledge. Imagine how well informed we’d all be, and how friendly the city would become.


That’s what does. Kudocities is a city-based information trading site, which allows members to share knowledge, ideas and opinions about the city they live in – then go out and actually live in it. Unlike other social networking sites, Kudocities wants you to get out from behind your computer and live your life. The site is actually a tool to help you do exactly that, rather than a destination in itself. Unlike other social network sites, they reward those who share their knowledge with others, and encourage people to create personal friendships that actually mean something in the real world. Kudocities started in London, but is raring to expand into as many cities as possible. After all, just imagine what it would be like if the brains of all the people in all the cities in all the world were connected together.


Author : Bill Webb

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