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Kroomsa :: Music for Help

Kroomsa is an independent artists and bands music platform. On Kroomsa, the soundtracks, available for online streaming and download, are embedded with advertisements.


The revenue will be generated on per-download and per-play basis and will be shared in a 40-40-20 manner: 40% to the artist/band, 40% to Kroomsa and 20% to an NGO of listener’s choice.

Why Kroomsa :: Music for Help It Might Be A Killer

Because it creates a win-win model for all the players involved:
1. the music band – they get revenue shared and they help charity,
2. the advertisers, – they reach their target audience in a new format and they associate their brands with the songs which people like to listen to,
3. the music listeners – they get to download hard-to-find compositions by independent bands in a legal way,
4. and society – the NGOs and charities get direct contribution through revenue sharing

So, if all the players are happy, we think it is a killer product.


Author : Fred Inman

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