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KPemployeejobs.orgKaiser Permanente Employee Careers is where you search for jobs by registering, and learning why this site is unique. Kpemployeejobs.


org is a site to look for job opportunities. Within this site you and find history of excellence, improving the health for the communities as an organization, learning on the awards and accolades given to this program, and gaining some knowledge on their advancements, labor management partnership and if everything is not clear yet, there is a frequently asked questions section. These important subjects are required to at least be read if you are truly interested in joining this program to find a job, as you will be becoming part of a group. You can learn about working there, by looking into the specialty areas, benefits and rewards, and even learn about the life outside of work and the diversity and inclusion. Finally, you can as well browse career events, and look into the regions there are, such as Northern and Southern California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, IT, Mid-Atlantic, Northwest, Ohio and learn as well on the program offices.


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