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com is a musical instrument distributor of Korg, Marshall and VOX products.
Among the stuff you can buy, there are dance and DJ tools, keyboards and modules, software and controllers, toneworks, tuners and metronomes, etc. All of their products and items have a picture for you to see and a detailed explanation of their features.
There are many good special offers to check out at the website, and also all kinds of accessories to shop on line. For example: jackets and shirts, cases and bags, videos and DVD’s, etc.
For gossip-lovers there is a huge list of artists that have chosen Korg, and you can take a look at what they’ve bought and also read some facts related to their lives.
At the website they have prosessions, which are videos with some tips famous artists have posted; you can sign in so they can let you know if new prosessions have been posted.


Author : Bill Webb

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