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Kingtutshop.comFans of ancient Egypt will rejoice at the online King Tut Shop. Essentially, it is a shop that deals in Egyptian handmade products of every denomination.

Papyruses are prominently displayed, and the customer can choose from a list that includes blank and plain papyrus sheets, colored papyrus paintings, and personalized papyruses. In addition to that, items such as papyrus wedding invitations can also be bought online. What’s more, there are papyrus writing kits available for those who desire to give papyrus making a try. Besides this encompassing collection of papyruses and papyrus-related items, King Tut Shop also deals in Egyptian cartouches (available both in silver and gold), along with items such as rugs and candle holders. Egyptian silver sets and plates are also on offer. An item that will be of great interest to historians is a replica of the Rosetta Stone, the first written document in history which contained a text in several languages, and as such was instrumental in the process of deciphering hieroglyphics.