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Killacodes.comAre you a Myspace user? If you are, I guess you are one of those always seeking for the newest stuff to add to your profile. Well, check this website because it offers Myspace stuffs such as free additions in the form of codes, backgrounds, animations, graphics, layouts, generators, glitters, icons and other stuff to add to your Myspace profile.


You can browse these stuffs on the menu where items are ordered by category at the left of the home page. If you are new user or don’t know how Myspace works first you should go to “Myspace login” section and create your profile, and if you still don’t understand how it works, you can use Myspace tutorials. After you create your profile you are ready to personalize it by using these Myspace stuffs, which are free of charge.. You can also use Myspace comment graphics and send messages to your friends. In addition to this, the website also offers links to other websites offering Myspace stuff


Author : Jason Taylor

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