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KFSM.comHow many times have you arrived late to work just because you wanted to buy that newspaper in the morning? How many times have you lost the train or bus to buy the paper in the afternoon? If you don’t have time to buy the newspaper in the morning, which most of us don’t anymore, then head the best place to catch up on the news, online. And the best news centre on the internet has to be the channel 5 news room, online.


The channel 5 news is now being forecasted live online every day. The official channel 5 news room website is On you will be able to get up to date on the latest news, weather reports, sports reports, morning show, community information, talk back show news, classifieds, lifestyle news, programming news, and much more. The home page has a handy ´top stories´ section which provides you with a quick summary of the latest breaking news, in case you don’t have much time to catch up on the news. Check out the latest online at now.


Author : Caroline Bright

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